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The hotel „Olympic“ and „Bellevue“ on Velika Plaža are ideal destinations for the stay of sportsmen and they are open during the whole year, since there are good working conditions for them even during winter season. In this hotel campus there are:

-six football pitches
-two pitches for small football
-six tennis courts (four courts are coverd by new sand) and a tennis school „Bellevue“
-three basketball courts
-three trim trails
-an athletic track
-a handball court
-two volleyball courts (made of concrete and sand)
-fitness facility
-table-tennis facilities
-long-jumping facility
-facility for throwing balls
-a sauna
-indoor swimmingpool (dimension 18 x 7)

The complex of Ada Bojana is open from May until November and among the sport offer from the naturist settlement we can highlight the following:

-horse riding
-water sports: sailing and surfing
-tennis courts
-volleyball court
-small football pitch
-table tennis facilities
-extreme sports : windsurfing, kite surfing, hang gliding

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